Online Help to Make Your Move Easier

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We hope you found your gorgeous new dream home on this Fall's Parade of Homes. If so, here are some excellent tips to help plan your move from our guest blogger, Alex Robbins from Safety Today.

Moving into a new home is equal parts exciting and stressful. No matter why you’re moving — better community, higher-paying job, warmer weather — you could use some help, and not just with that heavy couch.

To attack your move efficiently, you need to spend some time online. These days, there are countless apps and services that can help a big move easier, quicker, and even safer. One way to start is by looking for reputable movers.

Choosing A Moving Company Online

When you’re younger and live in a small place, you can handle moving all by yourself. Today, that might not be so true. You’ve managed to collect an impressive amount of furniture, appliances, and belongings that make your life better but, that also makes packing and moving harder to handle.

That’s why you should hire professional movers online. Here’s how they can help:

  • Movers are trained and experienced in carrying heavy loads.
  • They can pack your belongings more safely as well.
  • They have necessary gear like dollies and can even move large pieces of furniture up and down stairs.
  • They have insurance to protect your belongings while they’re moved to the new place.

Not all moving companies are the same, which is why you need to check out user reviews on a site like Yelp.

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Settling In More Easily

Once you’re moved into your new home, it’s time to start unpacking and settling in, but new homes often need a little work. From creaking steps to missing light bulbs, it’s hard to unpack when there are things to do. Plus, there’s always something you need in a box, but where is it?

Here’s where going online can help again. For example, PostMates is a service where people go shopping for you and deliver it right to your new home. That means you can keep unpacking while someone gets you food, office supplies, tools, and more.

Another great online service is TaskRabbit, which comes in handy if you need general repairs like caulking drafty windows or adding a railing to stairs. And if any furniture was taken apart for the move — or if you bought new ones — TaskRabbit’s handymen can help with that as well. enter image description here

Taking Care Of Your Dog

Even with assistance, moving can be rough on a dog. They don’t understand why you’re moving; they just realize their old home is gone and they have a new one. Thankfully, there are online resources for helping your dog too.

  • Putting your dog in doggy daycare is a great idea for the moving day, and will keep your dog safe and out of the way while movers get to work.
  • If you need more than just a few hours free from your dog, you can also find boarding kennels online.
  • And if you’re too tired after the move to walk your dog, you can also hire a dog walker.

Taking advantage of these services is a great way to save you time and give your dog the attention and exercise it needs.

Move The Right Way

There’s just no need to move all by yourself when there are so many apps and services online to make your move easier. Check online for a moving company to safely and quickly move your belongings. Once at your new house, you can hire help to assist with repairs, bring you food and even walk your dog. Moving is tiring enough, so take advantage of all the extra help you can get.


I totally agree with hiring a professional moving company. less headache, faster and ultimately it is cheaper with the time that you save. thanks for great insight.

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