Why Do Smaller Accessories Around the Home Make a Difference to Interior Design?

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Being a bit of a collector (read packrat) myself, I loved this blog from our friends in the UK. Though, note to those of you readers from across the pond, I Americanized the spelling to delete those extra U's you so like! My favorite small accessory, however is in the form of fresh flowers, like those in the porch shown above from Lecy Bros. Homes & Remodeling.

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll already know how important smaller accessories are when it comes to a furnished product. Accessories are key to ensuring a home is perfected and, ultimately, can be the difference in a home looking modern and clean to one that looks like no effort was put into interior design at all. If you’re currently wondering why it’s so important to adding minimal accessories around the home to spruce it up, have a look at some of the below reasons to see why it’s crucial.

A Unique Feel

Smaller accessories may never get noticed by visitors, but they always provide a unique feeling when they do. Paintings, lamps, picture frames, and the many other smaller accessories give a home the unique touch it needs to thrive. Accessories are one of the most crucial factors when it comes to interior design.

Charles Cudd Co. living room image

Open shelving is all the rage, and perfect to artfully display cherished possessions. Toss in a few comfy cushions on the couch and you have a perfect living room, this one by Charles Cudd Co.

Smaller Items Provide Comfort

Smaller items will always provide comfort to homeowners. Family pictures and portraits don’t only make a home unique; they also comfort each family member in unusual ways. Distinct items can provide comfort, and they don’t necessarily have to be “comfortable” to give off the feeling of comfort.

Kroiss Development bath image

Even a gorgeous bath like this one from Kroiss Development benefits from a few well-placed accessories, including the comfy white robe hanging outside the shower.

They Add a Personal Touch

Items always add a personal touch to a home and usually, it’s the difference in making a home feel like home instead of your typical hotel room. Smaller items are always the difference when it comes to the success or failure of a well-decorated home. From rugs and lamps to mirrors and curtain poles, each accessory provides a personal touch to a home to make it more comforting.

Visitors Notice Accessories First

John Kraemer & Sons bedroom image

A careful eye to detail in the guest bedroom makes guests feel truly at home, here in the Artisan bedroom from John Kraemer and Sons.

Even when it comes to your 100 cotton duvet covers and your crazy toilet seat design, visitors always notice these aspects of a home before they even pay any attention to the decorative details. It’s the smaller items that cry for attention in any home, so it’s important you always invest in the right pieces to ensure your interior decorating is well complimented.

Items Can Spruce Any Room Up

Smaller accessories like lamps and mirrors have the ability to really make a home look modern. They don’t have to be expensive items; they just have to be well placed in the right areas that really brings out the best in them. Even items such as picture frames and canvases need to be put in the right places to show their true colors.

Personal items don’t always set a home apart from all the other standard homes out there, but what they do provide is extra comfort, a more personal feel, and the ability to ensure visitors notice the rest of the effort you’ve put into decorating your home.

You don’t have to go all guns blazing when it comes to a huge investment in smaller accessories either. Paintings, canvases, picture frames and the like can all be home crafted to ensure your home gets the personal touch it deserves.


I wanted to address the main piece of this post that really connected with me. The personal, smaller items really make any home unique. They bring out a piece of your personality towards the design of your home and really allow it to become "yours".

A home interior design should be unique and innovative, it will definitely attract the attention of the viewers and we are also looking for the home interior in our budget. Home interior design includes different types of home accessories and here from this article, we have found some essential home interior design methods. Thanks for such a wonderful article.

Being a fresh interior designer I am finding these tips really useful. Many Thanks

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