4 Property Ideas That Will Stand the Test of Time

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Here are some great tips from our guest blogger, Carol Trehearn, to help you make smart choices for your home. One tip is to choose quality wood furnishings for longevity — quality free-standing and built-in pieces are shown in the photo above from Julkowski, Inc.'s Fall Remodelers Showcase Entry #1.

In society today, there is always a pressure to buy…buy…buy! New products are being released every day, items are falling in and out of fashion, and social media is increasing the pace at which we live our lives.

However, if you care about your finances and enjoy spending your money wisely, short-term purchases aren’t so appealing. Instead, you will constantly be on the lookout for products that will last. Not only will this approach help your bank balance, it will also help you to live a life that is free from clutter. This is especially true in your home. Why be surrounded by replaceable bits and pieces, when you can make clever, and meaningful, investments? Below are four ideas for your property, that will stand the test of time.

Discover the joys of long-lasting furniture

Carl M. Hanson Interior image

Even when choosing trendy styles, like these mid-century-modern flavored chairs, quality wood and leather mean they'll last a long time. These are from Carl M. Hanson's 2017 Artisan Home.

Some furniture lasts a lot longer than others. Therefore, you need to research the best furniture for the job. Sometimes the table or chairs may look fantastic, but after one use, there are scratches and loose joints turning what was once sturdy, into a wobbly mess. Of course, taking care of your furniture is ideal to looking after your investment, however, certain materials are better than others. Wood furniture, both softwood and hardwood, are sound choices. When purchasing wooden furniture though, check for knots, as all knots are susceptible to cracks. Also check that any joints are dovetail, mortise and tenon, and avoid staples, nails and any visible glue. When checking upholstery, unzip any cushions; you should see a block of foam wrapped with cotton or down. Foam-only cushions are less durable.

Make sure that your paint job lasts

Narr Construction bedroom image

Careful wall prep will help keep a soft pastel looking great much longer, like this green-gray from Narr Construction's 2017 Artisan home.

When you are decorating your property, make sure that you aren’t just painting over any problems. Instead, prepare your walls effectively. This will help your paint job to stay bright and fresh for years to come. You should also try to select colors that suit your property, instead of the latest interior design fads. By choosing a color that you know you will always love, you will avoid spending more money down the line.

Look out for lifetime guarantees

Pratt Homes kitchen image

Here's another reason to consider purchasing a new home which has warranties on construction as well as on many products, like Pratt Homes' kitchen #404 on this Fall's Parade of Homes.

When you are making a purchase, there is nothing better than finding a product, or service, that offers a lifetime guarantee. Whatever area you are decorating, you should always be on the lookout for quality assurance. For instance, if you are updating your garage, you can purchase granite garage floors. This epoxy coating system looks, and lasts, like granite. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee. What greater assurance that you are spending your money wisely?

Purchase long lasting lightbulbs

If you always find yourself replacing lightbulbs around your home, why not invest in a long-term solution? LED lightbulbs are the answer to your prayers. They may be more expensive than a regular lightbulb. However, if you install your LED bulb correctly, it can last you years! It is also much better for the environment, and will help to reduce your carbon footprint. It may seem like a little change, but investing in quality is always a fantastic way to save money and time. Don’t cut corners now, only to face the consequences later. Instead, fill your home with items that are built to last.

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