Inexpensive Technology That Will Wow Home Buyers

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Of course a new or newly remodeled home will have the best tech already built in, but you can still get some cool gadgets for your home today. We got these great tech ideas from our friends at Social Monsters.

Just because you are planning to sell your house doesn't mean you should suffer without those cool tech upgrades you've been eyeing. In fact, that type of small investment in simple high-tech home gadgetry could make it even easier to help buyers fall in love with your house. Here are a few tech details that are well worth the required minimal investment to attract the right buyer's attention.

USB Outlets

Face it, we are all reliant on our smartphones and when that battery begins to drain a little pang of panic sets in. Keep charging capabilities within arm's reach by installing wall outlets that also feature USB chargers in the most-used rooms of your home like the kitchen, the master bedroom and the family room. At under $25 each, this is a simple feature that adds a touch of tech-savvy to your home for a minimal investment and it's sure to catch the eyes of prospective buyers.

Security Camera System

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Even homes in the best neighborhoods need to be protected from intruders. Make it easy for both you and eventually the new homeowners to keep a close watch over your place by installing a home security camera system. Lorex Technology offers top-of-the-line options that come complete with multiple cameras, are easy to install and don't require a costly monthly subscription fee for monitoring. Opt for a security camera system that works with a companion smartphone app so that it's even easier to check in on the house whether you're at the office or away on vacation.

Personal Wireless Lighting

Lighting can be a crucial selling point in a house. While it may most often be about the amount of natural light a home gets in the most-frequented rooms, the lighting scheme throughout the house is important as well. By installing personal wireless lighting like Hue by Phillips, you can wow prospective buyers with the versatility that this lighting system offers and its impressive ability to set the perfect ambiance in any room in your home.

Options range from a simple white light to color ambiance lighting, all of which are fully adjustable from a smartphone app to create a visually pleasing lighting experience for any setting.

Smart Smoke Alarm

We expect more from nearly all other home basics, so why not the smoke alarm too? Nest Protect revolutionizes the functionality of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors as you know them, and it does so in a sleek, well-designed modern design. It seamlessly integrates with your smartphone, pushing alerts and notifications to your most-used tech gadget so that you can quickly find out more about what's going on and hush the alert with a swipe of your screen.

Instead of that mindless beeping you've become accustomed to with traditional smoke alarms, Nest Protect explains what's the matter in a human voice, so you know what room there's an issue in and what the device thinks is the problem. Most conveniently, it even automatically runs performance tests frequently so that you can always be confident that it's working.


Technologies are growing and spread its network everywhere, we can get thousands of benefits from technology. Whenever we are looking for home improvement, we should also take the help of technology to improve our home performance. It includes electronic gadgets, CCTV cameras, wireless lighting, smoke alarms, security system, and many others. Electronic gadgets are helpful in home security systems and therefore, we are choosing different types of electronic gadgets for our home improvement.

A large volume of people space, is difficult, yet having to search possible threats becomes even more difficult, I believe that with this system analize automated monitoring, be easier to indentificar potential threats more quickly.

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