The Benefits of Spring cleaning - How a Spring Clean can Improve our Life

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Speaking of Spring Cleaning (see our previous blog), here's everything you need to know to make this year's efforts the best ever from our guest blogger, Dmitri Kara. (We thought this gorgeous modern kitchen by Puustelli USA was a lovely example of how a clean space can look and feel simply amazing).

A thorough spring clean up benefits both your body and soul. Cleansing your home improves mental health, boosts motivation flow and prepares your mindset for the forthcoming cycle of life.

It's all about health. Your health.

Spring cleaning influences both our physical and mental condition. From the standpoint of hygiene, to declutter and freshen your home not only helps you get rid of dust and dirt, but it reduces the risk of allergies and other illnesses. Check out the few clever non-toxic DIY cleaning recipes you could try at home.

Thorough spring cleaning is a mandatory step to prevent suffering of asthma, Some residents even take clean up a step further, by using non-toxic detergents for a truly nature-friendly environment. Wherever you follow spring cleaning history and tradition, or it is merely the call of own your natural impulse, spring cleaning will make you'll feel healthier and make your home look better.

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Your family's health is nothing to sneeze at!

Dust, dirt and moisture are well known for accumulating various hazards, especially when it comes to allergies. Depending on how conscientious or lazy you are, we suggest you focus on common (and minimum) basics to maintain a healthy and joyful life.

The Psychological Aspect of Spring Cleaning and Motivation

Truth is, spring cleaning is in fact a great de-stresser and improves mental health. Physical and mental cleansing are known to boost motivation, self-esteem and overall productivity.

Springtime marks the beginning of a new cycle of life and both people and nature physically get rid of what is old and obsolete. Psychological cleansing and physical activity go hand to hand. To clean the layer of gunk, to wipe each and every reachable surface till all shines in glaze, along with a chunk of healthy fresh air can literally change your mindset.

Spring Cleaning can boost your Creativity!

To spring clean at home can encourage you to take activities a step further - relocate furnishing and rearrange your interior. It has an immense impact for vitality and productivity. The human mind tends to slip into routine as time passes and radical changes are the one thing that can literally reawaken you.

This does not mean you have to dive into exhausting property refurbishment, but rather moving your sofa to the other side of the room or hanging your TV to a new location. To de-clutter and reorganize can open room for things that previously had no way to fit.

Spring Clean Satisfaction

Cleaning itself is a never-ending story, but the actual spring cleanse at your home will always come with great sense of satisfaction and joy.

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To clean and maintain your home can be simple - vacuum dust off at least once every couple of days and wipe your table prior to supper. Don’t let low levels of melatonin and routine get to you. We often fail to notice dirt accumulating, passing our seemingly-clean interior day after day. This is where the psychological effect of spring cleaning manifests itself - the sense of solace and liberation and the joy of relief from completion.

Subconscious exercise releases endorphin, glucagon, cortisol and quite a few others, that have a direct hit on motivation and spirit.

Get rid of random inventory you don’t need, clothes you no longer use. List all maintenance and repairs chores and book tradesmen appointments for what you can’t handle yourself.

From Spring Cleaning to a Hefty Workout:

Body and soul are tangled for spring cleaning is not an easy chore to handle. Depending on the size of your home, a conscientious cleanup could take anywhere from your entire weekend to eternity. Scrubbing dirt stains, vacuum cleaning, reaching top-shelf surfaces and wiping the ceiling are just a few of the activities that will surely help your rusty muscles get back in shape.

You really can burn a surprising number of calories at home while doing your spring cleaning!

There’s no reason to push yourself and rush into cleaning your entire home at once. To fully benefit from spring cleaning, one has to scatter activities throughout the week, which is part of the idea behind the spring cleaning checklist. You can clean up for 7 days, rather than rush it in once. It is how you will clean your home in a more sophisticated and clever way.

A few spring cleaning tips to bear in mind:

  1. Dust off all surfaces top to bottom! Wipe inside and out of cupboards, drawers, shelving and etc. A piece of professional advice always start top to bottom!
  2. Bedding and upholstery accumulate the most dust! Use a mask, and dust off thoroughly! To use a steam cleaner is mandatory for upholstery, bedding and curtains (in my humble opinion). If you do not have one, you could rent.
  3. Fresh air is a must! You should open your windows at least once a day.
  4. Let sunlight in! No matter how much you love your man cave, it is crucial to let sunlight in every here and there. In case you do not know, sunlight has a purifying effect on your indoor environment.
  5. Keep an eye at mould and grout. Among the peskiest of troubles. Mould is hard to beat and cleaning all grout (wherever possible) on a regular basis is a must.
  6. **Wipe and polish windows both internally and externally! ** A great tip is to choose cloudy days, for windows dry out slower and thus allow you to stress less over polishing fast.
  7. Wash, wipe and polish metal surfaces! Make sure you ditch any smudge or marks.
  8. Clean your dishwasher! To make sure your heavy-duty cleaning appliance has all food leftovers and stains off of your dinnerware, you have to give it an extensive clean as well. First, get rid of any bits of food (if present). Then, run a cycle with a special cleanser made for your dishwasher. As a matter of fact, you should do it at least once a month
  9. Declutter and bleach refrigerators! The same applies for your refrigerator. You have to defrost and properly wipe everything top to bottom at least once every month or two.
  10. Mop all floors! Floors are where most dust ends up at. Make sure you give your home a conscientious and thorough clean.
  11. Scrub ovens, cookers and hobs. Usually, these are among the hardest to clean. Grease and soot can be extremely stubborn! First, chip off loose pieces from your range, then spray burned food leftovers with ammonia. Sprinkle baking soda and a bit of white vinegar on the bottom, let it fizz for a while, then whisk away dirt and grime with a sponge
  12. Corners, corners and cobwebs! Although spiders might be helpful, in terms of tackling unwanted pests, to regularly clean their cobwebs will surely motivate you both.
  13. Properly clean all vents present! Vents are literally among the dirtiest places within your whole property. Better use some sort of mask, and wipe as deep and as good as you can.

*Guest Blogger Dmitri Kara is an expert at Fantastic Cleaners.


Spring is the most popular and valuable time when we need to improve our home condition to get a handy and glimpse look. During every season, we need some special attention for our home, so that we can improve the home interior and exterior condition. Here we have found all the essential instruction on how to take care of our home and create a healthy atmosphere to live. Thanks for such a wonderful article.

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