5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Home Sellability for the Spring Market

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Spring is when many of us decide to sell our homes -- and even better, maybe you found your dream home or dream builder during this Spring's Parade of Homes. In either case, here are some great tips to prepare your home for sale from our guest blogger, Lee Flynn.

With Spring rapidly approaching, a lot of homeowners are getting ready to put their homes up for sale. Spring is one of the busiest times of year for real estate, and it’s important for sellers to make sure that their homes are in prime shape to draw their maximum value. Hoping to achieve a huge price boost, many homeowners will focus on huge projects like full bathroom renovations or even building additional rooms. Such projects can be pricey, though, and there is no guarantee that they will increase a home’s value enough to offset the costs.

If you or someone you know are putting your home up on the market in the coming months, here are a few affordable suggestions of projects you can try in order to increase your home’s value without putting your family in the poorhouse.

Spruce Up the Lawn

Gonyea Homes & Remodeling home image

One of the most important parts of showing a home is presentation. As soon as people pull up to the house for a showing, they are assessing the property and deciding how much it is worth to them. In fact, 74 percent of buyers report that they do a drive-by before they decide whether or not to take a closer look at a home, and 22 percent report that they will make a decision on whether or not to buy a house on curb appeal alone. A neat expanse of lawn with modest shrubs and a couple of pots with flowers at the front porch sets the tone from the get-go. Here (and above) is a great example from Gonyea Homes and Remodeling #R13 from our Spring Remodelers Showcase.

While some exterior improvements require major landscaping projects, a significant amount of curb appeal is simple maintenance. Before you hire a contractor to put in a new flowerbed or install a water feature, consider just calling a lawn care service to cut the grass and trim the hedges from time to time. A visit from a team of lawn experts can be particularly helpful if your area is just coming out of a harsh winter. They can help you with some restorative projects before spring, such as reseeding the lawn to fix new dead patches or aerating the lawn to promote growth.

Apply a New Coat of Paint

Structural Dimensions kitchen image

Gray is neutral but trending hot right now, as shown in this kitchen from Structural Dimensions (#R58) from our Spring Remodelers Showcase.

It’s not necessary to completely redo a kitchen or bathroom before selling your home when a simple coat of paint can have just as big of an effect. Neutral colors are appealing to a wider audience, so try to avoid any loud or unusual colors. An accent wall in a bold color can make a statement and speak to someone strongly, but it can also be off-putting to others, so use your judgment.

Give Your Cabinets a Face Lift

Remodeled home from Michels Homes image

Trendy new pulls and knobs can strike just the right note, like this renovated laundry from Michels Homes #R1.

If you want to update your kitchen a bit without breaking the bank, consider cabinet refacing rather than replacing the entire cabinet setup. You can hire a professional to refinish the exteriors of your cabinet, or you can simply replace the doors—though if you do so, you will probably want to stain the doors so they closely match the rest of the cabinet. Even replacing the knobs and handles can have a major impact on the look of the cabinets while staying within a reasonable budget.

Remove the Clutter

LIving room image from College City Design/Build

Clutter-free spaces seem bigger, too, like this beautiful living area, #R53 from College City Design/Build.

We realize that if you’re selling your home, you’ve probably got a million tasks to keep track of. Preparing for a new job, handling paperwork for children who need to be registered for new schools and doctors, and actually packing up home furnishings can be a messy process. Leaving clutter about when potential buyers come to view your house can significantly damage their impression of the home, so make sure that everything is tidy.

Set the Stage

Once the clutter is gone, take the next step and stage your home. What does that mean? According to Barb Schwarz, president of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, staging is “the preparation of the home for sale so that buyers can mentally move in.” In other words, it means arranging the home in a way that buyers will feel comfortable, imagining themselves living in this space. Remove your personal items from the property during a viewing. This allows the buyer to more easily picture themselves living there, rather than feeling like an intruder. Additionally, sticking with soothing color palettes, finding the best arrangement for the furniture, and setting emotional cues like floral decorations or candles can all help. A lot of people are familiar with the tactic of having fresh cookies baking to give the home a welcoming smell, but it really works. Any little touches you can add to make the home more appealing to visitors has the potential to boost your home’s value and get it off the market quickly.


WOW the wooden flooring are looking great. please let me know where to buy this type of wooden flooring tiles.

Not sure which flooring you're referring to. Most of the tile showrooms have wood-look tile these days. Stop at any and you'll likely find some very cool options. In the Twin Cities, our Parade of Homes sponsor, The Tile Shop is a great place to start. Check them out in Plymouth.

Very nice and informative article. Will help the homeowners to keep their house clean in spring.

Nice ideas for this spring season. Thanks for providing such a nice post. A great read for me so far.

Thank you for sharing these tips! most people make their first judgments based on the outside front of your house, so make sure to put your "best face forward". That means more than just the front lawn- give your front porch and entryway a good cleaning, fixing, and repainting if needed. Make sure your front doors and window screens don't have any holes or look shoddy. Walk out to the street and look at your house, and ask yourself "Would I buy this house if I drove by"? Do whatever you need to do to make that answer "yes!"

During season change, we need to take very good care of our home interior as well as our home exterior, so that we can easily skip damage and errors due to climatic condition. But to boost the home interior in a different season, we need to take the help of different design and decorations. Especially in spring when the climate is very special and attractive, we should also take some beneficial theme to decorate our home.

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